Sofia Motor Show 2019: interesting premieres and great emphasis on alternative driving


Just a month after the largest international motor show on the Old Continent — IAA in Frankfurt am Main in mid-September, the podium will move to the Inter ExpoCenter, where all the latest achievements of the global automotive industry will be presented. In 10 days Sofia will become the automobile capital of Europe and will attract everyone who is interested in cars — amateurs and fans, journalists, businessmen, industry professionals. And not only from Bulgaria, but also from all countries of the region, because this is the largest car dealership on the Balkan Peninsula. The exhibition is traditionally included in the official calendar of the International Organization of Automobile Manufacturers (OICA), which includes only twelve exhibitions dedicated to the year.

Many premieres and two new brands for the Bulgarian market

Car manufacturers will present new models of more than 36 car brands. Most of the premieres will be shown in their home country for the first time. The debut was marked by two completely new brands on the Bulgarian market — Mahindra and Cupra. Design and production of off-road vehicles, as well as various types of professional equipment. A curious fact in this regard is that Mahindra is currently the world leader in the production of tractors. The company is represented in our country by the stri model — the small KUV100, the seven-seat XUV500 off-road model with front- or dual-wheel drive, and the brand new Goa Plus pickup truck. Cupra, for its part, has recently become a separate brand that creates sports modifications based on the models of the Spanish division of the Volkswagen Group ( — Seat. The exhibition will show the first model of the new brand — Cupra Ateca, equipped with a two-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 300 hp. and all-wheel drive.

Emphasis on alternative modes of travel

Fully in line with current trends in the industry, this year’s Sofia Motor Show 2019 will focus on the latest trends in the transition to alternative types of propulsion — on the stands will be displayed cars that are fully electric, plug-in hybrids that also drive a lot. kilometers. Zero emissions, but also rely flexibly on internal combustion engines, self-loading hybrids and mild hybrids. For example, the all-electric Volkswagen ID.3, which promises to usher in a new era for the German brand. Or the latest version of the world’s best-selling SUV Honda CR-V ( Hybrid. As well as an updated version of the very popular Toyota C-HR crossover, which from now on will have a hybrid system of the latest generation of the Japanese company. We hope to see a completely new, already hybrid version of the Subaru XV. Of course, this is a very small part of the forthcoming set of long-awaited Prime Ministers, which we will have the pleasure to announce in the days leading up to the exhibition.

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Manufacturers and sellers of garage equipment, spare parts, tires, oils, car accessories, security systems, audio systems, as well as leasing companies, banks, insurers, etc. traditionally occupy a worthy place at the exhibition.

One lucky person will win a brand new car worth up to BGN 36,000.

This year, many related attractions, entertainment, pleasant surprises and prizes have been prepared for visitors. In addition to the pleasure of testing some of the 70 exhibits and why not buy some of the latest car models under improved conditions, every visitor to the show will have the perfect opportunity to drive away with a brand new car. To do this, you just need to fill out a questionnaire, indicate your choice and be very lucky. This year, the choice will be between 10 different models from 10 different brands, and the price of the most expensive car that can be won reaches 36,000 BGN.

A bit of history

Few people know that the first automobile exhibition in Bulgaria was held at the fairground in Plovdiv in 1939. With the impressive opening of the time and the big buzz about the possibilities of the time, manufacturers from several countries showcase their latest vehicles — cars, trucks and buses. After 52 years, the first automobile exhibition in modern history was organized — it opened on October 28, 1991 at the National Palace of Culture and was called «AM-91». It presents about 60 cars, cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles. At that time, there were no official card importers yet, and registered companies were still operating. It is for this reason that cars parked on attic floors are placed on stands organized by adventurers and car dealerships, mainly from Belgium and Belgium. The event arouses unprecedented interest among the audience. It is estimated that around 500 sales contracts were signed during the exhibition.

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Less than 12 months later, in June 1992, Sofia also hosted the «International Motor Show AM 92», but this time under the auspices of «Fall» in the west. A smart vacationer leaves with a brand new Ford Escort ( Thus began the tradition of receiving a new car award for one of the visitors of the capital’s car showroom.

The year 1993 became the cornerstone of the car dealerships we organized. CBAB (Union of Car Importers in Bulgaria) and therefore AA A (Association of Car Manufacturers and Technical Manufacturers in Bulgaria). Since 1999, every odd year, the Sofia Motor Show has been included in the OISA (International Association of Automobile Manufacturers) exhibition calendar. By that time, «Fektivna», used for celtazala, was already thinner, there were not enough exhibition spaces, the exhibition would take place.

Since 2001, the Sofia Automobile Salon has housed a new modern house — Intep Ecpo Center. Its covered area will exceed 11,000 square meters to visit our exhibition in October.